Mar 29, 2013

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away...

It's easter, you probably have a few days off school/work, so why not do some crafting? I made the Galaxy Shoes for my man last weekend and wanted to share the making with you.
There are a bunch off tutorials out there, personally I always check But in the end, there is no real "this is how you have to do it".
But see for yourself:

I used various cloth colours, an old toothbrush, a dish sponge and a paper plate for the paint.

The first thing I did though was to spray the black fake converse with a bit of bleach the evening before. This creates a cool effect without having to use paint.

Bleach usually turns black cloth a shade of orange/red. The use of a spray bottle creates a cool "star mist". Don't forget to put painter's tape on the sole and sides of the shoe, so it doesn't get paint all over.

Next I used different shades of blue and just dabbed it on the shoes. Just make sure you blend out the edges of the painted bit, so you don't have any defined lines.

Repeat this step with all the colours you want your galaxy to have.

I added a little swirl on this side, by painting the swirl and then dabbing the sponge on it, so it fades out a little.

To get the millions of stars on there, you take white and/or silver paint, mix it with some water and use the toothbruch to get it all over those shoes.

Now you wait to let it dry for a couple of hours. Once they are dry, remove the tape, get the shoe laces back in and ta daaa:

You got some awesome Galaxy Shoes!

It really is a fun project and if you like the design, try it out!

PS: Check out all these funky geeky crafts at the Nerd'n'Geek Linkparty <3


  1. Damn... You just created some shoes I always wanted! I would love to try it and I'm sure it looks awesome :) just like yours! Thanks for your great DIY-Turtorials, I love them :)
    Greets from a girl from Switzerland (with a bad English. I'm sorry ;D)

  2. Yay, dankeschön. Es war auch gar nicht so schwer die Schuhe zu machen! Und du sprichst ja schon sehr gut Englisch, ist ja auch nur meine Zweitsprache :)
    Grüße zurück aus Berlin!

  3. Wow sooooo coole Schuhe <3
    Der Effekt ist einfach genial :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    PS: Tausend Dank für deine vielen tollen DIYs bei meiner Linkparty. Ich geh jetzt erst mal stöbern :D

    1. Liebsten Daank!

      Ich bin sehr glücklich, dass ein Teil deiner Linkparty sein kann :)


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